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Android 11+ Signing for Google Play

As per Google's update on Android 11 behavior changes, there is an important (breaking) change regarding app signing

Behavior changes: Apps targeting Android 11  |  Android Developers
Learn about changes in Android 11 that will affect all apps.
Behavior changes: Apps targeting Android 11  |  Android Developers favicon
Behavior changes: Apps targeting Android 11  |  Android Developers

Apps that target Android 11 (API level 30) that are currently only signed using APK Signature Scheme v1 must now also be signed using APK Signature Scheme v2 or higher. Users can't install or update apps that are only signed with APK Signature Scheme v1 on devices that run Android 11.

In order to adapt your Application, you need to enable V2 Signing through either:

  • Appcircle (Recommended)
  • In your Project

Enable V2 Sign in Appcircle

In order to keep your config in Appcircle, you need to Navigate through:

  1. Your workflows
  2. Select a workflow
  3. Edit the Android Sign workflow
  4. Set V2 Sign to either true or false.

Alternatively, you can accomplish the same within environment variables. The environment variable for this action is AC_V2_SIGN . More information is found at the document below:

Why to Use Environment Variables and Secrets?

Enable V2 Sign Through the Android Project (build.gradle)

Alternatively, you can use build.gradle instead to specify the signing you will use.

The current Android Sign step in Appcircle utilizes jarsigner to sign apps with the APK Signature Scheme v1 and the alternative apksigner cannot be used to sign app bundles (AAB).

The solution for this is to utilize signing in gradle within the app. A sample build.gradle file that utilizes APK Signature Scheme v2 can be found at and the sample code can be seen below:

signingConfigs {
release {
if (System.getenv('AC_APPCIRCLE')) { // new configuration for Appcircle
println 'Running on Appcircle'
keyAlias "${System.getenv("AC_ANDROID_ALIAS")}"
keyPassword "${System.getenv("AC_ANDROID_ALIAS_PASSWORD")}"
storeFile file("${System.getenv("AC_ANDROID_KEYSTORE_PATH")}")
storePassword "${System.getenv("AC_ANDROID_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD")}"
} else {
println 'Running on local' // Your old configuration
keyAlias keystoreProperties['keyAlias']
keyPassword keystoreProperties['keyPassword']
storeFile keystoreProperties['storeFile'] ? file(keystoreProperties['storeFile']) : null
storePassword keystoreProperties['storePassword']
// Rest of your build.gradle
buildTypes {
release {
minifyEnabled false
proguardFiles getDefaultProguardFile('proguard-android-optimize.txt'), ''
signingConfig signingConfigs.release

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