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Available iOS and Android Devices for the Online Emulator/Simulator

Below is the full list of currently available device and OS version options for the online iOS simulators and Android emulators. The devices, OS versions, and updates as major versions are released or as the virtual devices get deprecated.

iOS devices are run through the iOS simulators on Xcode and Android devices are run through the Android emulators on Android Studio. For this reason, x86 support is required for running the apps on virtual devices.

Available Apple Devices and iOS Versions

Apple DeviceiOS 10iOS 11iOS 12iOS 13iOS 14iOS 15
iPhone 5S10.311.412.4--
iPhone 610.311.412.4--
iPhone 6 Plus10.311.412.4--
iPhone 6S10.311.412.413.314.115.1
iPhone 6S Plus10.311.412.413.314.115.1
iPhone 710.311.412.413.314.115.1
iPhone 7 Plus10.311.412.413.314.115.1
iPhone 8-11.412.413.314.115.1
iPhone 8 Plus-11.412.413.314.115.1
iPhone X-11.412.413.314.115.1
iPhone XS--12.413.314.115.1
iPhone XS Max--12.413.314.115.1
iPhone 11 Pro---13.314.115.1
iPhone 11 Pro Max---13.314.115.1
iPhone 13-----15.1
iPhone 13 mini-----15.1
iPhone 13 Pro-----15.1
iPhone 13 Pro Max-----15.1
iPad Air10.311.412.4--15.1
iPad Air 210.311.412.413.314.115.1

Available Android Devices and Android Versions

Please note that the following device names are used as representative names for their specific form factors.

Pixel 4------
Pixel 4 XL------
Pixel 6------
Pixel 6 Pro------
Galaxy Tab S7------
Nexus 5 (ARM)--6.0.1------