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Deploying Web Apps to AWS Amplify Console

AWS Amplify offers a fully managed service for deploying and hosting static web applications and Appcircle supports building Flutter web apps.

You can deploy Flutter web apps (or any other web app) that you build with Appcircle to AWS Amplify Console for an end-to-end app lifecycle from a single CI/CD platform for web and mobile.

To deploy apps to Amplify, you can use Git, manual uploads, or Amazon S3 buckets as the source.

Since Appcircle supports automated Amazon S3 uploads, you can automatically deploy your apps from Appcircle to Amazon S3 and then sync your S3 bucket with Amplify Console with the following steps:

You can now build your Flutter web apps with Appcircle and deploy them to Amplify Console with end-to-end automation.