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Setting Up Appcircle Enterprise Store Plugin

The Appcircle Enterprise Store plugin allows users to publish their apps and start distribution to test groups or individuals.

Discover Action

You can discover more about this action and install it by:

Preview of fastlane-plugin-appcircle_enterprise_store | | your community gem host

Getting Started

To get started with appcircle_enterprise_store, add it to your project by running:

fastlane add_plugin appcircle_enterprise_store

After adding the plugin to your project, configure your Fastfile as follows:

  lane :distribute_app_store do
accessToken: "$(AC_ACCESS_TOKEN)",
appPath: "$(APP_PATH)",
summary: "$(SUMMARY)",
releaseNotes: "$(RELEASE_NOTE)",
publishType: "$(PUBLISH_TYPE)" # Assign the appropriate number based on the status: None (0), Beta (1), Live (2)
Build Steps Order

You should add this task extension after completing your build steps.

Leveraging Environment Variables

Utilize environment variables seamlessly by substituting the parameters with $(VARIABLE_NAME) in your task inputs. The extension automatically retrieves values from the specified environment variables within your pipeline.