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Setting Up Appcircle Enterprise Store Action

The Appcircle Enterprise Store action allows users to publish their apps to appcircle app store.

Discover Action

You can discover more about this action and install it by:

Preview of Appcircle Enterprise Store - GitHub Marketplace

To install the Appcircle Enterprise Store action, add the following step to your pipeline at the end:

- name: Publish App to Appcircle
id: appcircle-store-publishment
uses: ./
accessToken: ${{ secrets.AC_ACCESS_TOKEN }} # Appcircle Access Token
entProfileId: ${{ secrets.AC_PROFILE_ID }} # Enterprise Profile Id
appPath: "APP_PATH" # Your App Path
summary: "SUMMARY" # Your Summary
releaseNotes: "RELEASE_NOTE" # Your Release Note
publishType: "1" # 0: None, 1: Beta, 2: Live
Build Steps Order

You should add this task extension after completing your build steps.

Leveraging Environment Variables

Utilize environment variables seamlessly by substituting the parameters with secrets.NAME in your task inputs. The action automatically retrieves values from the specified environment variables within your pipeline.