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App Sharing Report

Understand the App Sharing Report feature in Appcircle and how it helps track app distribution activities.

App Versions Report

Dive into the App Versions Report in Appcircle, tracking binaries deployed to a distribution profile over time.

Appium Server

Enhance your app testing with Appium Server. Automate mobile app testing across platforms for better efficiency and accuracy in development.

AWS Device Farm and Deploy

AWS Device Farm is an application testing service that enables you to run your tests concurrently on multiple mobile devices to speed up the execution of your tests and generates videos and logs to help you quickly identify issues with your app.

BrowserStack App Automate - Espresso

BrowserStack App Automate - Espresso is a testing solution provided by BrowserStack specifically designed for Android applications using the Espresso testing framework.

Build History

Get familiar with the Build History Report in Appcircle, tracking build sessions initiated over a specific time period.

Continuous Testing

Appcircle provides a variety of testing options for your mobile applications.

Maestro Cloud Upload

Facilitate the execution of automated tests for mobile applications directly within Appcircle using Maestro Cloud Upload.

Running Unit & UI Tests

Easily run Unit and UI tests for your iOS applications during builds. Improve app quality with Appcircle's testing features.

Signing History

Understand the Signing History Report in Appcircle, providing visibility on the usage of signing identities over a given time period.

Testing Groups

Manage your testers with Testing Groups. Distribute different app versions based on OS, features, and devices.

Using the Testing Portal

Learn how to use the Testing Portal for downloading binaries. Streamline your app testing process with Appcircle.