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API Integrations

Connect your Appcircle account with various app store accounts for seamless application publishing and management.

Common Integrations Overview

Appcircle's Common Integrations facilitate the distribution of your iOS and Android applications to major app stores with minimal effort.


Learn how to configure email and SSO integrations in Appcircle

Integrations and Access

Configure integrations and access controls to enhance the functionality and security of your self-hosted Appcircle server. Learn how to connect with Git providers, set up SSL, manage network access, and more.

My Account / My Organization

Manage personal and organizational settings in Appcircle. Configure integrations, notifications, and artifacts for your account and organization.

Server Configuration

Explore essential settings and customizations for maintaining your self-hosted Appcircle servers. Learn how to configure integrations, access controls, and advanced settings to optimize server performance.