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Account Management

Manage your Appcircle account's security and personal information. Update details, change passwords, and set up two-factor authentication.

Advanced Configuration

Secure and optimize your self-hosted Appcircle instance with advanced configuration settings. Learn how to enable LDAP Brute Force Protection, configure cache size, and customize the Command-Line Interface (CLI).

Appdome Build-2Secure for Android

Appdome Build-2Secure automates the integration of advanced security features, adaptive protections, code-signing, and certification processes into mobile applications, enhancing security without the need for manual coding or code analysis.

Appdome Build-2Secure for iOS

Automate mobile app security with Appdome Build-2Secure for iOS. Enhance security without manual coding or code analysis.

Snyk Scan Security

The Snyk Security Scan step enables developers to seamlessly incorporate vulnerability scanning into their CI/CD workflows.