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Introduction to Appcircle CLI and API

The Appcircle CLI and API are essential tools for accessing and managing the Appcircle platform's features, facilitating automation and integration in your mobile app development workflows.

Appcircle CLI

Appcircle CLI is a unified command-line tool that provides access to Appcircle platform features, enabling you to manage your projects, builds, and more directly from your terminal.

You can install the Appcircle CLI from npm:

npm install -g @appcircle/cli

or yarn:

yarn global add @appcircle/cli

Preview of @appcircle/cli

You can find more information and the source code of the CLI on GitHub as follows:

Preview of GitHub - appcircleio/appcircle-cli

Appcircle API

The Appcircle API offers programmatic access to all features available in the Appcircle platform, allowing developers to automate workflows, integrate with other tools, and customize their development processes extensively.

Access the full API documentation and explore the endpoints available for your integration needs at:

Preview of Swagger UI