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Publish Integrations Overview

Publish Integrations in Appcircle provide a seamless connection between your application builds and the respective app stores for Android and iOS. This powerful feature automates the distribution process, making it easier to manage releases and updates.

Android Integrations

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Publish to Google Play

Automate the delivery of your Android applications to the Google Play Store. This integration supports uploading both APK and AAB format binaries.

Publish to Huawei AppGallery

Expand your Android app's reach by directly publishing to Huawei's AppGallery. This integration is designed for straightforward submissions to Huawei's growing app store.

iOS Integrations

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App Information from App Store

Fetch and display your app's current listing information directly from the App Store to ensure all details are correct and up to date.

Send to App Store

Streamline the process of submitting your iOS apps for review and release on the Apple App Store.

Send to TestFlight

Distribute pre-release versions of your iOS apps to testers worldwide using TestFlight, allowing for valuable feedback before the final release.

Get Approval from TestFlight

After submitting to TestFlight, this step involves monitoring and managing the approval process, ensuring that your app meets all necessary criteria for beta testing.

Using Publish Integrations, developers can reduce the complexity of app store submissions, track the progress of releases, and manage application binaries effectively. With support for both major platforms, Appcircle's Publish Integrations is a comprehensive tool for modern app deployment workflows.