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iOS Integrations Overview

Welcome to the iOS Publish Flows section of our documentation. Here, you'll find comprehensive guides on the various steps involved in preparing and distributing your iOS app through Apple's ecosystem, including both the App Store and TestFlight.

App Information from App Store

Gain insights into your app's details on the App Store and TestFlight. This guide will help you understand how to retrieve and display version information, track build numbers, and manage release notes.

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Read more about App Information from App Store

Send to App Store

Everything you need to know about submitting your app to the App Store can be found here. We cover the necessary preparations, API key configuration, and submission details.

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Learn how to Send to App Store

Send to TestFlight

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to send your build to TestFlight for beta testing, how to configure testing settings, and how to manage tester feedback effectively.

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Discover how to Send to TestFlight

Get Approval from TestFlight

After beta testing, you'll need to navigate the approval process. This section will walk you through checking the status of your app on TestFlight and understanding the necessary steps towards final approval.

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Understand how to Get Approval from TestFlight

Update Metadata on App Store Connect

Learn how to update and optimize your app's metadata on App Store Connect to improve visibility, attract more users, and boost downloads. Follow our step-by-step guide for better app store performance and engagement.

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Understand how to Get Approval from TestFlight

Each section is crafted to guide you through the respective processes, ensuring a smooth workflow from app development to launch. Click on the links provided to delve into the specifics of each flow.