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Update Metadata on App Store Connect

This step uploads all edited metadata information from the Metadata Information page to the corresponding sections on App Store Connect. When this step executes, you can see the detailed updated metadata information with localization.


This step operates independently; it does not require any specific prior steps. You can incorporate it anywhere in the Publish Flow according to your workflow.

Input Variables

Below are the parameters necessary for this step's operation, along with their descriptions.

  • Uploads screenshots while sending METADATA : This value is true by default and includes screen shots uploaded in Metadata Information during the upload process. If false, screen shots will not be uploaded.
  • Update Metadata fields : This value is true by default and ensures that the Metadata Information to be updated is uploaded. If false, the entered metadata information will not be uploaded.
  • Clear all previously uploaded screenshots : This value is false by default. If true, screen shots on the App Store Connect will be deleted and new ones will be uploaded.
Clear all previously uploaded screenshots

Note that when this value is selected as true, your screen shots will be deleted from your App Store Connect account.

Variable NameDescriptionStatus
$AC_XCODE_LIST_DIRSpecifies the Xcode folder list directory. Current Xcode folder structure examples: /Applications/Xcode/14.3/Xcode or /Applications/Xcode/15.0/Xcode.Optional
$AC_XCODE_VERSIONSpecifies the Xcode version.Required
$AC_UPLOAD_SCREENSHOT_FILESUploads screenshot files to App Store Connect for the related app version.Optional
$AC_UPDATE_METADATA_INFOIf disabled updating METADATA info will be ignored.Optional
$AC_CLEAR_SCREENSHOTSIf enabled all screenshots on App Store Connect will be removed before upload.Optional