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App Center iOS Distribution

Distribute your iOS app to App Center for testing and distribution. `Prerequisite:` Xcodebuild for Devices step.

Appdome Build-2Secure for iOS

Automate mobile app security with Appdome Build-2Secure for iOS. Enhance security without manual coding or code analysis.

AWS Device Farm and Deploy

AWS Device Farm is an application testing service that enables you to run your tests concurrently on multiple mobile devices to speed up the execution of your tests and generates videos and logs to help you quickly identify issues with your app.

Azure Bot for Swiftlint

Integrate Azure DevOps Bot with SwiftLint to analyze and report details under PRs. Automate builds with configured triggers.

Building iOS Applications

Building iOS applications may be complex and confusing. Appcircle will help you smooth the process and doesn't require any additional configuration files from you.


Appcircle supports Carthage for dependency management in iOS projects.

Common Integrations Overview

Appcircle's Common Integrations facilitate the distribution of your iOS and Android applications to major app stores with minimal effort.

Firebase Upload dSYM

Upload your debug symbols to Firebase Crashlytics with Appcircle. Streamline your iOS app development and debugging processes.

iOS Builds

Learn how to use environment variables in iOS projects in Appcircle

iOS Integrations Overview

Comprehensive guides on the various steps involved in preparing and distributing your iOS app through Apple's ecosystem, including both the App Store and TestFlight.

iOS Specific Workflow Steps

Dive into iOS-specific workflow steps for building profiles. Access our workflow marketplace for a comprehensive list.

Publish Integrations

Publish Integrations in Appcircle provide a seamless connection between your application builds and the respective app stores for Android and iOS.

Resigning iOS Binaries

Understand the process of resigning iOS binaries with a new certificate or keystore. Crucial for publishing under a different developer account.

Running Unit & UI Tests

Easily run Unit and UI tests for your iOS applications during builds. Improve app quality with Appcircle's testing features.

Send to TestFlight

This step enables you to upload the selected application package to TestFlight.


Use Slather to convert Xcode's test results into various formats. Prerequisites include Xcodebuild for Tests and Git Clone.


Improve your code with SwiftLint, a tool for identifying programmatic and stylistic errors. Prerequisites include Git Clone and Cocoapods Install.


Understand and manage versioning for Android and iOS applications

Xcodebuild for Testing

Build your app with Xcodebuild for Testing. Generate an IPA for use in test automation frameworks like BrowserStack or Testinium."

Xcodebuild for Unit and UI Testing

This step performs unit and UI tests for your iOS applications. This does not "build" your app, but uses the "xcodebuild" command to run tests.