iOS Specific Default Workflow Steps

The steps listed below are specific to the iOS build profiles.

You can find the full list of available workflow steps in our central component repository and under each workflow step in this document, you can find the related repository URL, which also includes the documentation for the related step.

Xcode Select (Version)

This step is used to specify the Xcode version to be used during the build process.

Cocoapods Install

Runs the Cocoapods install command for dependency management.

Xcodebuild for Devices (Archive & Export)

This step builds your application for iOS devices in ARM architecture, which is required for the Share With Testers feature or any other means of iOS distribution.

Xcodebuild for iOS Simulator

This step builds your application for the iOS Simulator in x86 architecture which is required for the Preview on Device feature. This step creates an unsigned xarchive file.

Xcodebuild for Unit and UI Tests

This step performs unit and UI tests for your iOS applications.