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App Center CodePush

Effortlessly update apps with App Center Code Push. Learn quick, reliable code deployment without app store delays.

App Center iOS Distribution

Distribute your iOS app to App Center for testing and distribution. `Prerequisite:` Xcodebuild for Devices step.

Appdome Build-2Secure for iOS

Automate mobile app security with Appdome Build-2Secure for iOS. Enhance security without manual coding or code analysis.

Audit Permission Changes

Track and audit permission changes effectively. Ensure security and compliance with our guide on monitoring access rights alterations.

Azure Boards

Manage your software development process with Azure Boards. Track work items' progress throughout the development lifecycle.

Azure Bot for Swiftlint

Integrate Azure DevOps Bot with SwiftLint to analyze and report details under PRs. Automate builds with configured triggers.

BrowserStack App Automate

Run your XCUI tests on BrowserStack App Automate. This step allows you to send test IPA's to the BrowserStack dashboard and run your test on it.


Appcircle supports Carthage for dependency management in iOS projects.

CocoaPods Deintegrate

Clean your Xcode projects with Cocoapods Deintegrate. Remove pods swiftly to maintain a streamlined, efficient development environment.

Cocoapods Install

Master Cocoapods Install for managing dependencies in your project. Learn how to use the 'pod install' command effectively.

Custom Script

Use Custom Script steps for additional functionalities in your builds.


Appcircle supports Fastlane for build automation as a supplementary feature to Appcircle's own build automation.

File Size Check

Use File Size Check to monitor your app's size. Break the pipeline or show warnings when the size limit is exceeded.

Firebase Upload dSYM

Upload your debug symbols to Firebase Crashlytics with Appcircle. Streamline your iOS app development and debugging processes.

Flutter Analyze

This component runs the `flutter analyze` command in your Flutter project.

Flutter Build for iOS

Learn to build iOS apps with the Flutter Build for iOS component. Ensure Flutter Install and Git Clone steps are completed first.

​Flutter Build for Web

Learn to build web apps with the Flutter Build for Web component. Ensure Flutter Install and Git Clone steps are completed first.

Flutter Install

This workflow step installs the specified Flutter SDK to run the Flutter CLI for subsequent analysis, build, and test operations.

Flutter Test

This component allows you to run Flutter unit tests.

Git Clone

The Git Clone step is used to fetch the source code repository from a Git provider and clone it into the runner where the build and deployment processes take place.

Install Node

Ensure the correct Node version for your React Native app with Install Node. A crucial step for building React Native applications.

iOS Specific Workflow Steps

Dive into iOS-specific workflow steps for building profiles. Access our workflow marketplace for a comprehensive list.

Jira Comment

Explore Jira Comment, a tool for efficient project management and issue tracking. Enhance your workflow with Appcircle's integration.

NPM/Yarn Commands

Learn to use NPM/Yarn commands for managing dependencies in your React Native applications. Enhance your app's functionality.

Publish Release Notes

Learn to publish release notes for your app versions. Communicate updates and changes effectively with Appcircle.


Use Slather to convert Xcode's test results into various formats. Prerequisites include Xcodebuild for Tests and Git Clone.


This step allows you to analyse your code quality with the SonarQube CLI.


Improve your code with SwiftLint, a tool for identifying programmatic and stylistic errors. Prerequisites include Git Clone and Cocoapods Install.

Upload Files to Amazon S3

Learn how to upload files to Amazon S3 with Appcircle. Streamline your storage and backup processes for app development.

Xcode Select

Specify Xcode version for your build process with Xcode Select. Always use before CocoaPods Install and Xcodebuild steps.

Xcodebuild for Testing

Build your app with Xcodebuild for Testing. Generate an IPA for use in test automation frameworks like BrowserStack or Testinium."

Xcodebuild for Unit and UI Testing

This step performs unit and UI tests for your iOS applications. This does not "build" your app, but uses the "xcodebuild" command to run tests.