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Appcircle supports Fastlane for build automation as a supplementary feature to Appcircle's own build automation.

With Appcircle, you can automate your build and signing processes with the flexible workflow structure, and you can also use Fastlane as a workflow step within the build workflows.


The workflow steps that need to be executed before running the Fastlane workflow step, along with their respective reasons, are listed in the table below.

Prerequisite Workflow StepDescription
Git CloneThe repo needs to be cloned in order to start the Fastlane process. After the clone, Fastlane will be installed. After this step works, the variable AC_REPOSITORY_DIR will be created.

Fastlane needs project files to work. If there is no Git Clone step in your workflow, it will give an error because it cannot find the relevant files of the project.

Input Variables

You can find all the parameters required for this step in the table below, with their descriptions in detail.

Variable NameDescriptionStatus
$AC_FASTLANE_DIRThis path is Fastlane's path in the project. By default, it is AC_REPOSITORY_DIR. If your Fastlane file is in a different location in the repo, please change it.Required
$AC_FASTLANE_LANEFastlane lane. For example: android deploy or ios releaseRequired

To access the source code of this component, please use the following link:

Preview of GitHub - appcircleio/appcircle-fastlane-component