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Set Environment Variable

The Set Environment Variable step enables the setting of environment values for specified keys. Although creating environment variables via the Environment Variables page is typically recommended, this step provides flexibility to modify environment variables directly within the build workflow when necessary.


There is no prerequisites step before the Set Environment Variable step. It can be implemented at any point within the workflow as necessary.


Please note that you must use the Set Environment Variable step before the step in which you intend to use the environment variable.

Input Variables

Each component requires specific input variables for operation. For the Set Environment Variable step, the necessary input variables are:


Confidential information should be entered as a secret environment variable. Also, ensure that the environment variable group is selected in the Configuration.

Variable NameDescriptionStatus
$AC_SETENV_KEYSSpecifies the key of the environment variable to be set. This should be a space-separated list of environment variable keys.Required
$AC_SETENV_VALUESpecifies the value of the environment variable to set. If this field is left blank, the environment variable will be set to null.Optional

Output Variables

The Set Environment Variable step generates no output variables. Success or failure of this step depends on whether the environment variable is set correctly, allowing subsequent use within the workflow.

To access the source code of this component, please use the following link:

Preview of GitHub - appcircleio/appcircle-setenvironment-component