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Overview & Concepts

Self-hosted Appcircle enables you to use your own systems and infrastructure for all cloud features.

By this way, you can build and test your apps on your choice of architectures. You have full control over the build environment. You can also customize your Appcircle installation with various options.

When we look at self-hosted Appcircle deployment as a whole, we will see below architecture in execution.

To see the topology diagram in greater detail, click here. It will open the diagram in new browser tab.


You can see all external network access details on the Network Access page.

With the help of self-hosted runners as connected agents, you can have whole Appcircle in your own infrastructure and use all Appcircle features in your private cloud without any limitations.

Self-hosted Appcircle section in here, gives you detailed information about only server-side components installation and other related operations. For details about self-hosted runner concept, see Self-hosted Runner section in docs.


The only requirement for using self-hosted Appcircle is to be in enterprise plan.

See pricing and feature comparison table for details.