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Appium Server

Enhance your app testing with Appium Server. Automate mobile app testing across platforms for better efficiency and accuracy in development.

Build Module Overview

Streamline your app development with the Build Module in Appcircle, offering automated builds for iOS and Android platforms.


Appcircle supports Fastlane for build automation as a supplementary feature to Appcircle's own build automation.

Marathon Cloud

Accelerate your mobile app development with Marathon Cloud integration on Appcircle. Seamless integration and efficient management capabilities.

Repeato Test Runner

Repeato Test Runner facilitates the execution of automated tests for mobile applications directly within Appcircle.

Test Reports for Android

Explore the Test Report feature for Android in Appcircle. Understand how it presents test results and code coverage in a user-friendly interface.

Test Reports for iOS

Test Report step displays your test results and code coverage in an aesthetically pleasing user interface.