Creating and Using Environment Variables

Create environment variable groups and add key/value pairs

To create an environment variable group, select Environment Variables from the build module. Click on the orange + icon and enter the name of the group into the input box, press enter to save the group name and create the group.

To add an environment variable to the group, use the inputs on top of the screen. Enter a key name, then enter the value for the key and press enter.

You can add as many environment variables as you need to.

Variables that need to be secret can be hidden using the lock icon.

Please note that some environment variables may need to be duplicated to be used in different groups for different purposes.

Use environment variable groups in builds

Environment variable groups can be used in builds to extend the workflow and add additional actions to workflow steps.

To add an environment variable group to a build, go to the build profile from the build module and select Build Configuration > Env. Variables

Here, you can see a list of previously created environment variable groups. Select the groups you want to be included in this specific build profile. Then click Save to save your selection.