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Customize the Enterprise App Store on Self-hosted Installations

Some additional Enterprise App Store settings can be customized for self-hosted installations in order to make them more tailored to your users.

You can change how your store looks using the Customize screen in the Enterprise App Store module, just like you can with Appcircle Cloud.

For self-hosted specific settings, you should follow the documentation below.

Tab Title Localization

You can change the Enterprise App Store tab title according to the language selected on the self-hosted Appcircle server.

For example, you can set a title for TR and a different title for EN language selection on browsers.


Appcircle server version 3.12.1 or later is required for this feature.


Be aware that this will cause a downtime on the Appcircle server.

If you set titles from global.yaml by following the steps below, your title settings configured from the Enterprise App Store's "Customize" page will be overridden.

  • Log in to Appcircle server with SSH or remote connection.

  • Go to the appcircle-server directory.

cd appcircle-server

The spacetech in the example codes below are example project name.

Please find your own project name and replace spacetech with your project name.

To see projects, you can check the projects directory.

ls -l ./projects
  • Shutdown Appcircle server.
./ -n "spacetech" down
  • Edit the global.yaml file of your project.
vi ./projects/spacetech/global.yaml
  • Add the lang parameter to the storeWeb entry.

The storeWeb key should already have been in the global.yaml file.

You just need to add the lang key and other sub-keys to that section.

The global.yaml should have only one storeWeb key for proper working.

subdomain: store
enabled: true
TR_STORE_TITLE: Uygulama Mağazası
  • Apply configuration changes.
./ -n "spacetech" export
  • Start Appcircle server.
./ -n "spacetech" up

You should check the status of the Appcircle server after boot for any possible errors.

./ -n "spacetech" check

You should see the message: "All services are running successfully."

To see the new configuration updates on the store, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Enterprise App Store page of your organization with a browser.

    • For example,
  • Check the tab title. For our sample configuration,

    • If the language is TR selected, then you should see "Uygulama Mağazası" in the tab title.
    • If the language is EN selected, then you should see "App Store" in the tab title.