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App Center Android Distribute

App Center Android Distribute enables developers to distribute their Android applications to testers and stakeholders for testing purposes.

App Sharing Report

Understand the App Sharing Report feature in Appcircle and how it helps track app distribution activities.

App Versions Report

Dive into the App Versions Report in Appcircle, tracking binaries deployed to a distribution profile over time.

Distribution SSO Login

Set up single sign-on (SSO) for distributing your applications, enhancing security and simplifying the login process.

Downloading Binaries

Learn how to download the built application files from the Publish module in Appcircle

Firebase App Distribution

Firebase App Distribution, enables developers to distribute their applications to testers and stakeholders for testing purposes.

Firebase Deployment

Firebase deployment is quick, and secure app launches. Get started with our concise guide to deploying on Firebase efficiently.

My Account / My Organization

Manage personal and organizational settings in Appcircle. Configure integrations, notifications, and artifacts for your account and organization.


The Publish module in Appcircle allows you to distribute your mobile applications to the App Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery and Microsoft Intune.

Publish Flow

Learn how to customize the publish flow in Appcircle

Testing Groups

Manage your testers with Testing Groups. Distribute different app versions based on OS, features, and devices.

Using the Testing Portal

Learn how to use the Testing Portal for downloading binaries. Streamline your app testing process with Appcircle.