Adding a Build Profile & Connecting a Repository

New to Appcircle Build module? Follow our quick start guide to build your iOS and Android apps in the cloud.

The Build Module allows you to streamline and automate your mobile app build flows.

The Build Module is the first step to automate your CI/CD processes to achieve a NoOps environment.

Create a build profile (app)

A build profile is an app that you can build in a target OS and framework.

To create your first build profile, click on the orange "Add New" button on top left of the screen.

Enter a name for your build profile and select target operating system (iOS or Android) and target platform.

You will see your build profile once it has been created. Click on the build profile to connect a repository and fetch your code to Appcircle.

Connect your repository

You can connect Github or Bitbucket repositories to your build profile. You can connect private and public repositories on GitHub, Bitbucket and other compatible git providers.

You can either authorize Appcircle to connect to your Github or BitBucket. This will allow you to use auto-build your project with hooks, get build statuses and the full list of commits.

To test drive Appcircle, you can find various sample projects in the Appcircle GitHub page or you can just press on the "Proceed with a sample project" button to populate the repository URL field with a compatible project based on the selected framework.

Auto build with hooks is not available for custom repository connections without authentication. You will have to manually trigger builds and manually refresh branches and commits.

If you authorize Appcircle to access your repositories, you can select the repository that you want to connect.

If you are a part of an organization, you can also connect your organization's repositories too.

If you use a private repository using an SSH Key, you need to have an SSH key pair ready and enter your private key to Appcircle so Appcircle can access your repository.

Appcircle will then pull your branches, commits and other information from your repository.