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Platform-Specific Guidance

In the Testing Distribution section, you'll find tailored guides to effectively distribute your mobile applications for testing purposes. Each platform, iOS and Android, has its own set of requirements and steps that are crucial for a successful deployment and testing phase.


This section provides essential guidance tailored to iOS application development. It covers key distribution strategies and best practices to ensure your iOS applications are properly prepared for release. Whether you're aiming to distribute through the Apple App Store or directly to users devices, you'll find the necessary steps and considerations here. Additionally, this section offers insights into resigning iOS binaries, a necessary step for updating app credentials or modifying distribution methods. It's a comprehensive resource for iOS developers navigating the final stages of app deployment.


This section of the documentation offers detailed instructions on resigning Android binaries. It’s an essential read for developers who need to change the signing configuration of their Android applications after the build process. Whether it’s for aligning with different release environments or updating the app signature for security reasons, the guidelines here will help ensure that the Android binaries are correctly signed and ready for distribution.