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Server Configuration

Explore the essential settings and customizations for maintaining your self-hosted Appcircle servers.

Integrations and Access

Set up and manage integrations with third-party services, and configure access controls to ensure secure and efficient operation.

Advanced Configuration

Delve into detailed settings to fine-tune your server performance, including memory management, network configurations, and more.

Restarting Host

Learn how to safely restart your Appcircle host server to apply updates or troubleshoot issues without disrupting ongoing processes.

Offline Install/Upgrade

Guidelines for installing or upgrading your Appcircle server without an active internet connection, ensuring continuity in restrictive network environments.

External Image Registries

Manage connections to external image registries, allowing you to utilize custom Docker images for your builds and workflows.

Testing Distribution

Configure your server to distribute test versions of your apps, enabling early feedback and iteration in the development cycle.

Enterprise App Store

Set up your private App Store for enterprise app distribution, providing a secure and convenient way to deploy internal applications.

Auto-upgrading Server

Discover the process for enabling automatic updates on your Appcircle server, ensuring your system remains up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.


Learn how to monitor your Appcircle server through the Grafana web interface, enabling you to oversee server performance remotely without the need to access the Appcircle server console directly.