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Configure Runner

Configuring runners within your self-hosted Appcircle setup is essential for customizing your build and test environments. The following sections provide guidance on how to effectively manage your runners and ensure they are optimized for your development processes.

Managing Pools

Organize your runners into pools to efficiently manage resources and distribute tasks. This section will help you set up and manage pools tailored to different project needs or environments.

Managing Runners

Get detailed instructions on how to manage individual runners. Learn how to add, remove, and configure runners to balance loads and maintain a seamless CI/CD pipeline.

Service Configuration

Fine-tune your runners by configuring service parameters. Adjust settings for optimal performance and compatibility with your projects.

Android Emulators

Set up and manage Android emulators for testing purposes. Ensure your Android apps run smoothly across different versions and resolutions by configuring emulators within your runners.

Self-signed Certificates

Learn how to use self-signed certificates with your runners. This section provides steps to secure your runner communication within your private network.

Upgrading Runner

Keep your runners up-to-date with the latest features and improvements. Find out how to upgrade your runners to the latest version with minimal downtime.

Cloud Providers

Connect your self-hosted runners with cloud providers for additional resources and scalability. This section guides you through integrating popular cloud services into your runner setup.