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Advanced Configuration

The Advanced Configuration section is designed to provide additional security measures and system optimization options for your self-hosted Appcircle instance. It ensures that your setup is not only tailored to your needs but also secure and efficient.

LDAP Brute Force Protection

Protect your system against unauthorized access attempts with LDAP Brute Force Protection. This feature secures your LDAP authentication process against attackers trying multiple password combinations to gain access to your system.

Cache Size Configuration

Optimize your server's performance by configuring the cache size. This setting allows you to determine the amount of data your server caches, which can speed up processing times and improve overall efficiency.

Command-Line Interface (CLI) Configuration

Customize the CLI to suit your workflow needs. This includes setting up environment variables, enabling specific commands, and configuring access permissions for a streamlined command-line experience.

Enterprise App Store and Testing Distribution in DMZ

Securely distribute and test enterprise applications by placing your app store and testing environment in a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). This configuration isolates testing from production, enhances security by acting as a buffer against external threats, and streamlines deployment processes.