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Apple Identifiers Overview

The first requirement for publishing an application on the Apple App Store is to determine the unique identifier that identifies your application. For this reason, you must first register a BundleID. For more information, please refer to the Apple Documentation.

With the Apple Identifiers option in Appcircle's Signing Identities module, you can easily register a BundleID on the Apple Developer Portal or list your existing BundleIDs on Appcircle.

Register Bundle Identifier

With the Register Bundle Identifier option, you can register a new BundleID on the Apple Developer portal using Appcircle.

You can specify the BundleID you wish to save, provide a description to identify this identifier, and select the capabilities you want it to have. Once you click the Save button, Appcircle will store this BundleID in your Apple Developer account.

Register Bundle Identifier

When you register a BundleID, it will be created simultaneously in your Apple Developer account.

  • Description: A brief explanation to distinguish BundleID.
  • BundleID: BundleID value to be saved.
  • Capabilities: The capability values you want BundleID to have.

Get Bundle Identifiers from Apple Developer

In this option, all currently registered BundleIDs are listed.

You can list your registered BundleIDs on Appcircle by making selections from this list.

After the registration process is completed, the selected or registered BundleIDs will be listed as follows.

Edit BundleID

With the Actions button in the BundleID list, you can edit your existing BundleID content.

Edit Bundle

The changes you make here will be modified simultaneously and saved in your Apple Developer account.

In the Edit screen, you can see all the capabilitiy it has in BundleID and you can add or remove them if you wish.