My Account

The "My Account" screen is accessible from the bottom left hover menu and it contains all operations to manage your personal account details including account security.

My Details

In this screen, you can change your email address and specify your name.

If you change your email address, you will be asked to verify the new address.

Change Password

In this screen, you can set a new password by entering your current and the new passwords.

If you signed up using an identity provider, you need to leave the current password field empty to change your password.

Federated Identity (Linked Login Providers)

In this screen, you can manage the linked accounts for login. You can link a new account by pressing Add and following the permission prompts displayed by the provider or you can disconnect an account by pressing Remove.

For login, Appcircle does not ask for any additional permissions other than the email address. Multiple providers can be linked to a single account, but only a single account can be linked from each provider.

If you signed up with an identity provider, you need to set a password to login with email before you can disconnect that linked account.

Identity providers linked for login purposes are managed independently from the accounts linked for repository connections. (i.e. Disconnecting GitHub or Bitbucket from My Account does not break the repository connections.)

Active Sessions

In this screen, you can see the list of all currently active sessions with details and you can log out from all sessions. (The times displayed here are UTC.)

Authentication Logs

In this screen, you can see the history of all account-related activity. (The times displayed here are UTC.)