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Two-Factor Authentication Setup

Navigate to the Authenticator page through your account.

In this screen, you can manage your 2FA connection and create new keys. Simply scan the QR code on your mobile phone (or on your computer) and paste the code at the One-time code field.

Appcircle supports those services out of the box:

  • FreeOTP
  • Google Authenticator

You can use any other authenticator service which supports generation of SHA1 OTP codes.

However, if you use another Authenticator service and you can't scan the QR code, you can also select **Unable to scan? **field and fill the information accordingly.

After the code is successfully entered, assign it a friendly name and click on Save.

The newly created OTP will be under effect the next time you login. Your current login session will not be terminated(you will not be logged out).

CLI Log In with 2FA

Currently, CLI does not support 2FA connection. You can use the CLI without 2FA connection, even if you have 2FA set up in your account.


Locked out of your Account?

If you have lost your one time password or locked out of your 2FA provider, you can contact us for recovery of your account.