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SSO Providers Configuration

Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) for your organization to streamline the login process and enhance security across Appcircle's platform.

Enable SSO

Turn on SSO to allow your team to access Appcircle using your preferred SSO provider credentials.

Distribution SSO Login

Set up SSO for distribution to enable secure and convenient access to distributed applications.

Auth0 OpenID

Connect with Auth0 using the OpenID protocol for secure identity verification.

Auth0 SAML

Implement SSO via Auth0 with the SAML protocol for unified access management.


Integrate with Azure Active Directory using SAML for a seamless sign-in experience across Microsoft services.

Okta OpenID

Use Okta with OpenID to give your team a secure and simple authentication process.


Configure SSO with Okta using the SAML protocol to centralize user access and management.

OneLogin SAML

Employ OneLogin with SAML to simplify the sign-in process and manage user identities efficiently.

Through these SSO options, you can ensure that access to Appcircle is both secure and user-friendly for all team members.