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Integrations and Access

A crucial part of setting up your self-hosted Appcircle environment involves configuring various integrations and access controls. This section provides detailed guides for connecting your Appcircle instance with external services and setting up the necessary access configurations.

Git Providers

Connect with popular Git providers like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, etc., to seamlessly integrate your code repositories with your CI/CD pipeline.


Manage additional service integrations to enhance the functionality of your self-hosted instance with tools for monitoring, logging, analytics, and more.

SSL Configuration

Ensure secure communications by configuring SSL, which is vital for protecting your data and maintaining trust with users interacting with your server.

Network Access

Set up network access rules to define how your server communicates with other networks and services, including firewall settings and access permissions.

Login Configuration

Customize login settings for your server to determine how users will authenticate and gain access to the Appcircle platform.

Proxy Configuration

Configure proxy settings for your server to route traffic through a proxy server, which can be crucial for complying with network policies or enhancing security.

LDAP Settings

Integrate with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for centralized user management, allowing users to sign in with their enterprise credentials.