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Microsoft Intune API Key

The Intune API key allows you to upload the binary file and metadata information to your Microsoft Intune account.

Integration information for InTune can be added from the integrations section under Appcircle Organization.

After completing the required credentials information in the modal, your Microsoft InTune account is successfully integrated with Appcircle.

Fields Explained

  • Setting Name: Enter a user-friendly name to save the credentials for reuse in this app or other apps.
  • Client ID: Specifies the Application (client) ID which uniquely identifies your application in the Microsoft cloud ecosystem, across all tenants.
  • Client Secret: A client secret, sometimes referred to as an application password, is a string value your app can use to identify itself. Learn how to create one here.
  • Auth URL: Specifies the authorization URL generated by the application you created on the Microsoft Identity Platform. This URL should be in the following format:{tenant_id}/oauth2/v2.0/token. More details here.

Providing Microsoft Graph API Credentials for Accessing Intune

To send an app from Appcircle to Microsoft Intune, you need to register an application with the Microsoft Identity Platform and provide this application's credentials.


Appcircle utilizes Microsoft Graph APIs to publish apps in Microsoft Intune. Therefore, you need to grant the following permissions to the application you registered and provided credentials for on the Microsoft Identity Platform.

  • DeviceManagementApps.Read.All
  • DeviceManagementApps.ReadWrite.All

You can find detailed information about granting permissions here.