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Testing Groups

Testing group helps you manage and group your testers and distribute different versions of different applications based on your testing needs like OS versions, features and devices etc.

With the testing groups feature, you can define various groups for different audiences. For instance, in an enterprise, you may want to create groups such as testing team, marketing, management, and any other functional group. For an app developer, testing groups can be created for customers and apps. This allows streamlined management of binary sharing flows. You can send apps manually to these groups or associate different distribution profiles with different groups for auto send.;

You can list, add, edit and manage your groups and testers from this module.

Click on the orange + button to create a new testing group. You can name groups according to your needs like "Alpha, Beta" and so on. Press enter after you type the name of the new testing group you are creating.

After you create a new testing group, you can now enter tester email addresses to this group. Simply use the input box at the top of the page to enter the email address and press enter.

You can now see a list of your testers, select and delete testers if you need to.

Also by clicking on the edit button on the top right corner, you can rename, duplicate or delete your testing group if you need to.

Managing Unsubscribed Users

When re-sharing the app with users who have previously unsubscribed, you can seamlessly re-engage them.

This action automatically removes them from the unsubscribed list, allowing them to receive emails once again.

A prominent orange warning message confirms the successful re-subscription process, ensuring a seamless experience.


If a user who has previously unsubscribed is included in a test group, they will not be re-subscribed when sharing with the test group.


What is the tester limit for app distribution?

Appcircle provides a scalable solution, allowing you to add as many testers as you need without stringent limitations. This ensures you can conduct thorough testing across a wide range of devices and user scenarios. Appcircle also offers flexible group management, so you can easily organize testers into different groups based on testing needs.

Why have I not received the e-mail after sharing the app version via Appcircle ?

There could be several reasons why you haven't received the email after sharing the app version with your testers:

  • The recipient might be unsubscribed.
  • The email may have arrived in the junk folder.
  • Company firewall rules might cause delays of up to 30 minutes.
  • The Appcircle domain may need to be whitelisted.