Latest Release Notes

2.2.0 - 2021-06-16 - Xcode Version and CLI Improvements

This release includes the new Xcode 13.0, a new CLI look&feel and marketplace to peek workflows as a bulk.

Important Update for iOS Developers

Since April 26, Apple removed the support of Store Submission for pre Xcode 12.0 and iOS SDK 14.0 compiled apps. Make sure that your Xcode version is greater or equal to Xcode 12.0 under your repository config.

More info is located under:

🆕 New Feature

  • You can specify which Xcode version to use on your builds. This can also be specified on the repository and will be seamlessly fetched from the relevant repository during the Fetch Details Process. Available versions: 13.0, 12.5, 12.4, 12.3, 12.2, 12.1, 12.0, 11.7, 11.6, 11.5, 11.4, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1 and 11.0

    • Latest Xcode 13 beta is used on 13.0.x

  • Appcircle CLI has a fresh look&feel and lots of new features along with it.

  • Export Build Artifacts has been added for a separate step. You can remove this step and upload your files elsewhere if your artifacts have a need to be on-premise.

  • Setting build status updates to the repository providers - You can now send updates about a commit to the repository providers for a complete CI/CD experience.

  • A new workflow setting, Always run this step even if the previous steps fail has been added. The steps which has this enabled will always run.

  • Appcircle Marketplace has been released. Checking which features are supported built-in has never been easier!


  • iOS Build Servers are optimized to reduce the queue time & better performance.

  • Added better icons for Git providers when connecting to the repository.

  • Whitelist IPs are under update process, you can follow the process under Accessing Repositories in Internal Networks document.

🐞 Fixed

  • Fixed a bug that the same commit not appearing on multiple branches.

  • Fixed a bug that new SSH connections being unable to fetch config.

2.1.5 - 2021-05-10 - GitHub App for Repository Connections

This release includes the release of Appcircle GitHub app and the share app previews along with feature improvements.

🆕 New Feature

  • Appcircle GitHub App - You can now connect to GitHub with the Appcircle GitHub app as an alternative to the oAuth connection.

  • Share App Preview Links - You can now share in-browser app preview links automatically with the testers as an alternative to app binaries. No physical device needed for testing.


  • Improved new workflow addition

  • New status bar for live build tracking and quick team switching

  • Workflow and trigger user interface improvements

🐞 Fixed

  • Workflow and trigger fixes

  • User interface fixes

  • Entity deletion fixes

2.1.0 - 2021-04-23 - Repo-Level Workflows and PR/MR Triggers

This is a major release with the complete revamp of the build workflows and autobuild triggers for repository-level workflows and triggers along with the new PR/MR trigger option.

🆕 New Feature

  • Repository-level workflows - You can now define multiple workflows in a build profile and assign them to multiple branches or assign multiple workflows to the same branch. You can also clone workflows for easier management.

  • Repository-level triggers - You can now specify triggers in the build profile level with wildcards for branch names and workflow selection for each trigger for higher flexibility and manageability of the build profiles.

  • Pull request/merge request triggers - You can now trigger builds whenever you initiate a pull request or merge request from a source branch to the target branch. The build will be done with the pull/merge result. This allows testing the PR/MR result before the actual approval of the request.


  • Under-the-hood improvements for logging and user authentication

  • User interface improvements

  • Performance improvements

🐞 Fixed

  • License management fixes

  • User interface fixes

2.0.0 - 2021-03-21 - Appcircle CLI and the New Customer Portal

This major release introduces the Appcircle CLI and a new customer portal for billing and plan management along with the Appcircle distribute API.

🆕 New Feature

  • Appcircle CLI - You can now access the Appcircle platform from the command line for custom pipelines or advanced automation use cases. Appcircle CLI is available on npm.

  • Appcircle Distribute API - On top of the previously released build APIs, the distribute module APIs are now available for programmatic access.

  • New Customer Portal - Billing and plan management is now easier and more flexible with the new customer portal.


  • Account and organization deletion improvements

  • Plan upgrade and downgrade improvements

🐞 Fixed

  • Webhook trigger fixes

  • Emulator/simulator issue reporting fixes

  • API and API portal fixes

1.7.0 - 2021-03-07 - Appcircle Build API and Experience Improvements

This release introduces the Appcircle API with the build module and all around experience features in various areas.

🆕 New Feature

  • Appcircle API - You can now utilize the Appcircle API for programmatic access to the platform features. This release includes the build module APIs.

  • Personal Access Token - You can generate a token to access the Appcircle API

  • Webhook support for AWS CodeCommit and Azure DevOps git repositories

  • In-browser emulator/simulator rotation and restart features

  • In-browser emulator/simulator issue reporting - You can now share screenshots and notes over email while running an app preview.

  • System message trace ID - You can now get the trace ID for each system message for easier troubleshooting.


  • Flutter 2.0 support

  • Organization ID management improvements

  • Webhook URL management improvements

  • Logging and reporting optimizations

🐞 Fixed

  • Webhook support fixes

  • SSH connection fixes

  • Failed plan upgrade payment fix

1.6.0 - 2021-02-09 - Replicate Configuration, Git Webhooks and Advanced Role Management

This release introduces the two most requested features along with the enterprise-grade role management.

🆕 New Feature

  • Copy/Set Branch Configuration - You can now copy the configuration from a branch to other branches in the same build profile for easy replication of the same configuration.

  • Webhooks for Git - With the webhook support for the compatible git providers, you can enable build triggers through SSH connections without the need for app authorization

  • Advanced Role Management - You can now set submodule based access


  • Branch list viewing improvements

  • SSH connection improvements

  • User interface optimizations

🐞 Fixed

  • Slack notification fixes

  • Environment variable management fixes

  • User interface fixes

  • License limit and access fixes

1.5.0 - 2021-01-22 - Slack Notifications for All Modules

This release includes support for Slack notifications for the major events in all modules along with minor features and fixes.

🆕 New Feature

  • Slack Notifications for All Modules - You can now get notified for Signing Identity, Distribute and Store Submit module events through Slack (in addition to the Build module).

  • Storage Management - You can now delete build artifacts and app versions in select plans.

  • Branch Pinning in Build Profiles - You can pin the primarily used branches in build profiles for easy access.


  • Artifact and binary management improvements

  • Slack notification improvements

  • Third-party connections management improvements

  • Improved FAQ and troubleshooting

  • User interface improvements towards better guidance

🐞 Fixed

  • User interface issues in Safari

  • Repository connection issues

  • App preview sharing fixes

1.4.0 - 2020-12-08 - Auto Store Deployments and Emulator Starter Plan

This release includes the automatic public store deployment feature and the introduction of a new Starter-based upgrade plan for higher Emulator/Simulator minutes.

🆕 New Feature

  • Auto deployment to the Store Submit Module - You can now deploy your builds automatically to the Store Submit Module by enabling the setting in the build configuration

  • Auto upload to Public Stores - You can now upload deployed apps automatically to Google Play Console and App Store Connect

  • New Emulator Plan - This plan provides additional emulator minutes over the Starter plan, mainly for the standalone emulator/simulator users.


  • Store Submit Module improvements

  • Configuration tab in Smartface projects

  • Under-the-hood Standalone Emulator/Simulator improvements

  • Billing and plan info view improvements

🐞 Fixed

  • Public store credential management fixes

  • Various user interface fixes

  • Standalone Emulator/Simulator fixes

1.3.0 - 2020-11-16 - Maintenance Update

This release is a maintenance update with all around improvements.

🆕 New Feature

  • Direct signing identity uploads in the build module - You can add signing identities directly from the build configuration if the signing identities module is empty.


  • Reporting improvements

  • Standalone Emulator interface improvements

  • App sharing interface improvements

  • File size display and upload dialog improvements

  • Various user interface improvements

🐞 Fixed

  • Repository connection fixes

  • Preview on device report update period fix

  • Emulator share link error state fix

  • Emulator share expiry duration fix

  • Plan limit update fixes

  • Various user interface fixes

1.2.0 - 2020-10-27 - Standalone Emulator/Simulator

This release includes the new in-Browser Emulator/Simulator module and Amazon Device Farm Support.

🆕 New Feature

  • Standalone Emulator for web sites and app uploads - You can now use the "Preview on Device" feature as a standalone module with support for direct uploads and web site previews.

  • Device preview share - Just like sending apps to the testers, you can now share in-browser app preview links with the testers.

  • AWS Device Farm Support - AWS Device Farm is now available as a workflow step. You can deploy apps to AWS Device Farm and run tests as a part of your pipeline.


  • Billing-related improvements

  • Preview on device fixes in line with the Standalone Emulator

  • Android 11 and iOS 14 support in device previews

🐞 Fixed

  • GitLab branch listing fix

  • Large file upload fix

  • Further environment variables module fixes

1.1.0 - 2020-10-12

This release includes experience improvements along with support for Flutter Web builds.

🆕 New Feature

  • Flutter Web Support - You can now build your Flutter Web apps along with Flutter iOS and Android apps.

  • Centralized Credentials for Store Uploads - for Google Play and App Store Connect uploads, the credentials can now be saved for reuse.

  • Apple ID with App-specific password support for App Store Connect uploads.


  • Improved multi-provisioning profile support (e.g. for Apple Watch builds) in iOS builds

  • User experience improvements in the Store Submit module

  • User experience improvements in the Environment Variables Module

🐞 Fixed

  • Theme-related UI fixes

  • Store upload fixes

  • Environment variables module fixes

  • Further state preservation fixes

1.0.0 - 2020-09-23 - Initial Release

We are excited to announce that Appcircle beta is complete and it is fully released with version 1.0. You can now use Appcircle with full set of features.

This is of course just a start of a long journey. Follow us on Twitter @appcircleio for updates.

For any questions, feedback or feature requests, just drop us a message using the in-app messaging or raise an issue in Appcircle GitHub:

🆕 New Feature

  • Send apps to Public Stores - You can now send your apps to App Store Connect through the App Store Connect API.

  • Theme support with Dark Mode - There is an Appcircle for everyone. You can now select between Light, Dark and the Darker modes.

  • Upload to Amazon S3 step - You can now deploy any file or folder to an Amazon S3 bucket with the new workflow step.


  • Xcode 12 GM support

  • User experience improvements in line with the theme support

🐞 Fixed

  • Multimodule support fix

  • Billing plan fixes

  • State preservation fixes