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There are mainly two integrations to be filled by the user

  • Email
  • SSO


Please edit global.yaml file and change SMTP settings according to your mail server. Check the below example for configuration options

password: your_password
user: your_username
fromDisplayName: Acme Inc
port: '587'
ssl: 'false'
auth: 'true'
starttls: 'true'

Explanation of each key

passwordPassword of the SMTP server
usernameDefault user name for SMTP.
fromSender address of the emails
hostThe SMTP server to connect to
fromDisplayNameSender Display Name
portThe SMTP server port to connect
sslIf set to true, use SSL to connect
authIf set to true, attempt to authenticate the user using the AUTH command.
starttlsIf set to true, enables the use of the STARTTLS command


Appcircle supports both OpenID and SAML Identity providers. You can follow the below documents to connect your identity providers. If your Identity Provider is not on the list, you can follow any OpenID or SAML integration guide from the below list to find out the parameters.