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Custom Script FAQ

How to install a new package to the build machine?

You can use the compatible package managers to install packages.

For the macOS build machines for iOS builds, _brew _is a commonly used package manager with commands like brew install maven

For the Linux (Debian) build machines for Android builds, apt-get can be used for 3rd party packages such as apt-get -y install maven

How to change the package name/application ID dynamically?

With custom scripts, you can edit the Info.plist and the build.gradle files.

iOS sample for Info.plist
cd $AC_REPOSITORY_DIR/Your-Target-Folder
/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Set :CFBundleIdentifier io.myapp" "./Info.plist"

How to access a file in the repository directory?

For each step in the workflow, you can view the input and output variables in the step configuration.

The repository directory is an output of the Git Clone step and its patch can be accessed with the AC_REPOSITORY_PATH environment variable by any step added after the Git Clone step. An example is as follows:


How to a add a file as a downloadable build artifact?

You can add any file to the output directory that contain the build artifacts using the AC_OUTPUT_DIR environment variable. An example is as follows:

cd $AC_REPOSITORY_DIR/app/build/reports/
mv lint-results* $AC_OUTPUT_DIR/