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Custom Script Samples

Changing JAVA version

If you want to change the JAVA version for your Android project, you can achieve this by changing the JAVA_HOME environment variable. Appcircle currently has OpenJDK 11(default) and OpenJDK 8. You can use the below custom script before your build step for this task.

Appcirle Android build uses OpenJDK 11 as a default. Build machines also have OpenJDK 8 as well. You can use the below custom script to change your JAVA_HOME environment variable.

echo "Default JAVA "$JAVA_HOME
echo "OpenJDK 8 "$JAVA_HOME_8_X64
echo "OpenJDK 11 "$JAVA_HOME_11_X64


Create a custom script like above and put it above your Android build step.


Please be aware that this custom script affects any step that comes after. Therefore you should use this step as a standalone step not as a part of any custom script.

Deploying Apps to Firebase App Distribution

Appcircle Distribute module provides an integrated and automated enterprise-grade solution for distributing apps to the testers, but if you want to use other solutions for app distribution, you can do so with custom scripts. You can use the following script below to deploy apps to Firebase App Distribution automatically from the Appcircle Build module.

  • The binary to be deployed can be obtained with the related environment variable. AC_EXPORT_DIR and the binary path.
  • FIREBASE_TOKEN must be obtained through a local console. Please follow the instructions here to set up the Firebase CLI locally and then you can request a token with the firebase login:ci command.
  • FIREBASE_APP_ID can be obtained from the Firebase Dashboard under the settings screen:

The sample script is as follows:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Deploy a binary to Firebase App Distribution
npm install -g firebase-tools

firebase appdistribution:distribute $AC_EXPORT_DIR/Runner.ipa --app $FIREBASE_APP_ID --release-notes "Release Notes..." --token $FIREBASE_TOKEN --groups "testers"

Send email notification when a build is complete

You can send notification emails when your build is complete so that you or your teammates will know the build status.

Here's a sample Bash script to send emails from a custom script step:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Send an email when a build is completed in Appcircle.

# Email address for the receipent

# Subject line for email
EMAIL_SUBJECT="Appcircle Build"

# Send a corresponding email for successful builds.

echo "Build completed successfully, sending email notification."
echo -e "Your build in Appcircle is completed successfully." | mail -s "Build completed with success." ${RCP_ADDRESS} -c ${CC_ADDRESS}
echo "Email notification sent."

Send Slack notification when a build is complete

Appcircle supports a wide range of options for sending notifications to Slack, but you can also send any custom messages to Slack with custom scripts.

If you have a Slack webhook created, you can send a message to your Slack channel with a single line of Bash script.

You can refer to Slack's webhook documentation here: 🔗 Creating Slack webhooks

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Send a Slack notification when a build is completed in Appcircle.

curl -X POST -H 'Content-type: application/json' --data '{"text":"Appcircle build is completed successfully!"}' SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL